About Charites

Charites is a musical ensemble committed to bringing the art of early composers to life through bold, expressive performances. The group draws on both historical and modern practices to create theatrical spectacles, combining virtuosic singing, movement and poetry to involve, delight and move listeners. Charites’ imaginative approach appeals to seasoned audiences, as well as those who are experiencing early music for the first time.
Charites (Χαριτες) (pronounced CAR-ee-tace) is the Greek term for the "Graces," the three mythological daughters of Zeus and Eurynome. The Graces govern traits such as charm, beauty, and creativity, all of which we aim to transmit through our performances.


» Brooke Bryant  soprano & Artistic Director
» Cecilia Lam  mezzo-soprano
» Jennifer Owen-Blackmon  soprano

» Gilbert Martinez  harpsichord
» Roy Whelden  viola da gamba